The importance and challenges of information security in the digital age: analysis of the current situation and prospects for development
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Sapiński, A. (2023) “The importance and challenges of information security in the digital age: analysis of the current situation and prospects for development”, Scientific Journal of Bielsko-Biala School of Finance and Law. Bielsko-Biała, PL, 27(1), pp. 52–55. doi: 10.19192/wsfip.sj1.2023.8.


In this age of increasing digitalisation, information security is becoming one of the most important issues for every state and organisation. This article provides an analysis of the current situation of information security and the challenges it faces. The article focuses on various aspects of information security, such as cyber security, privacy protection, data protection and network security. It also analyses the ways in which countries and organisations are taking steps to ensure information security and the challenges that accompany these efforts. Finally, the article provides an outlook on the development of information security in the digital age and points to the most important directions to be taken to ensure information security in the future
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