E-sports marketing as an Integral Part of Virtual Development of Modern Society
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e-sports marketing
endemic goods
non-endemic goods
audience engagement.


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Kalynets, K., Krykavskyy, Y. and Gikmat Bachman oglu, H. (2022) “E-sports marketing as an Integral Part of Virtual Development of Modern Society ”, Scientific Journal of Bielsko-Biala School of Finance and Law. Bielsko-Biała, PL, 26(4), pp. 86–90. doi: 10.19192/wsfip.sj4.2022.13.


The article identifies the features of the development of marketing in e-sports as an integral part of modern virtual reality. As e-sports is an activity that attracts millions of viewers around the world, its development involves the involvement of sponsors and donors for its development. That is why marketing is a special tool that can promote endemic and non-endemic goods and services in this sport. The study aims to determine the special importance of e-sports for the promotion and sale of goods and services advertised on virtual sports grounds. The article uses methods of analysis and synthesis, scientific observation and generalization, forecasting, and systematization. The study found that e-sports is a unique platform for the presentation of new products and services, which attracts a loyal audience and directs the latest interactive development of modern marketing.

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Based on the analyzed data, the functioning of the e-sports system can be considered a positive economic component of the organizational and legal structure of the state.

Cybersport is not only a new sport, popular among modern youth but also a large media market. Its volume, according to various estimates, is 1-1.5 billion USD. At the same time, experts note that the e-sports market is growing by 20-30% annually, and will fully manifest itself in 5-10 years.

Advertising and marketing in the industry have great prospects because e-sports is a great area for promoting various products. Today's experts single out several countries that occupy leading positions in the world in terms of dissemination and promotion of e-sports.

Leaders in the industry include South Korea, China, the United States, and Western Europe. Relevant ratings are also compiled according to the amount of financial income to this industry in each country separately.

According to statistics on the growth of revenues received by states and all countries involved in the competition, including players, the revenue of the gaming industry is now USD 180.1 billion. At the same time, the main consequence of the development of e-sports as a source of income for the state budget is the level of commercialization of this industry.

Thus, according to independent think tanks, the gaming industry, namely the eSports segment, will continue to grow rapidly and steadily in both the short and long term. And this applies to both the growth of revenues of companies participating in the market, and increasing the audience of users. In terms of investment and development of new marketing strategies, it is now one of the most promising markets in the world.


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