Organisation of Execution of Police Tasks in the Context of Risk Management Process


crisis management
government administration organs
heads of central offices
risk management
the Police

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Mikołajczyk, Z., & Abgarowicz, G. (2016). Organisation of Execution of Police Tasks in the Context of Risk Management Process. Scientific Journal of Bielsko-Biala School of Finance and Law, 22(1), 62-71.


The paper focuses on the presentation of statutory tasks and procedures applied by the Police in crisis proceedings. The description of the formation is enhanced by its organisational structure which is shown from the perspective of particular stages of crisis management. The author also describes the command system applied by the Police in intervention, action and operation activities. The information presented therein serves as a background for better comprehension of the specifics regarding risk management, security of the state, public order and protection of critical infrastructure. Functioning of the Police formation is possible thanks to widely understood risk management. The Police like other law enforcement agencies and institutions functioning in multiple functional spheres, applies various tools of risk assessment and methods of its analysis.

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